Month: December 2012

Upper Arms, Chest, and Shoulders Together Drill

Sir Nick Faldo’s A Swing for Life: Revised and Updated has a great drill for feeling a one piece putting stroke. After setting up in your putting posture put a club under your arms across your chest, make sure it’s

Putting Grip

First thing we’ll do is study the GRIP. Don’t want to be whippy-whippy so let’s pray about it? Simply put: PALMS TOGETHER. PUTTER LIES ALONG THE LIFELINE OF THE HANDS. WRISTS SET AS THOUGH IF THE PUTTER SHAFT WERE EXTENDED


March 30, 2013 Update: Puttronome Application update on the iPhone today. Really nice update and improvement. Stays running, has a light sequence to help you to start, and a tempo window. Very cool!   This video demonstrates putting tempo. I