Balance One

After studying with one of Europe’s great putting coaches over the past two years I’m finding more and more things we need to do for a stroke solid, on the sweet spot, putt. One of the simplest sounding factorsHat-set-bswg-impact is proper balance, but wow, is there a lot of work to doing it correctly. Just for starters, I wrote about ‘building a table’ last year based on what I’d learned from Tai Chi and my English wizard to help with a solid, balanced stance. While practicing recently I felt the putts to be slightly off the heel. After reviewing the video I was surprised to see my posture had tilted forward and down during the stroke, my weight was on my toes (ugh), and I hadn’t built a table. From left to right: set up, backswing, and impact; felt like there was no movement! But!
More to come on this topic! Did you watch the Ryder Cup? The fellow walking alongside Henrick Stenson wearing the white cap is the putting coach; I’m proud to have received instructor certification from him.

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