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Two weeks ago I had the good fortune to meet with BodiTrak VP and guru, Terry Hashimoto in Palm Desert, California. After an epicurean dinner Friday evening we started Saturday with an overview of the new BodiTrak Tour wireless COP mat. The new blue mat integrates with PC computers as usual, but now integrates with the iPhone and iPad using V1 technology! In addition, it can also display a variety of golf shot radar data; all at the same time. We spent the rest of the morning at The Vintage Club helping Head Pro David Woods and his staff get familiar with BodiTrak on the lesson tee. What a gorgeous golf facility! After leaving I stopped by The Palms and had the honor of meeting Dr. Craig Farnsworth, one of the best putting instructors  in the world. We had a fine lunch; so the weekend started and finished with an epicurean delight!

My new mat has been put to use at Fred Enke GC here in Tucson the past week and is getting a warm reception. My favorite story this week was with an elder golfer, just 94 years old. He plays at least six holes a day, had was starting to hit fat shots. He saw his trace on the mat and knew exactly what to do; he’s now my biggest fan and loves the magic carpet.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.01.27 PM Terry and meJD backswing

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