The Putting Aim Survey

On Saturday October 24 I set up an aiming station on the practice putting green at Fred Enke Golf Course, Tucson. Parameters were a level putt, ten feet in length. 43 golfers accepted an invitation to participate with instructions to accomplish their pre-shot routine, normal set-up, up to the point of actually rolling the ball; at that time I replaced the ball with my Harold Swash Laser. My aiming board was covered with plastic so I could mark the precise laser aim of each of the 43 golfers. Misses left and right were equal at 13 different degrees of error. The one degree aims on the edge of the hole most likely would miss. Most of the left – right players who rolled their ball compensated for their mis-aim by pushing or pulling their putts. The red dots represent each golfers laser spot on the aiming board. Fundamental putting training is on the way the Fred Enke very soon!

FE Putt Aim Day

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