Can Tempo Training Improve Your Golf Shot Accuracy

I recently studied a research paper with the subject of improving golf shot accuracy through tempo and rhythm training. Seems like it makes sense as those of you who have studied with me have incorporated rhythmic tempo for putting distance control (triplets). The study is titled “Improved Motor-Timing: Effects of Synchronized Metro-Nome Training on Golf Shot Accuracy” by Marius Sommer and Louise Rönnqvist, and is very enlightening. Golfers were divided into groups, a control group and a study group. The tempo trained group averaged a two meter improvement; included in 4 iron, 7 iron and wedge distances. What is so cool about the tempo training is I found an iPhone app that can accomplish the training. The study golfers trained with a Microsoft metronome computer program and practiced tapping along with the beat. Their performance was based on how close they were to the actual tempo. That training transferred over to their golf shots in a positive way (two meters overall average). The app I downloaded is the Pro Metronome (free version). You can tap along with the pre-set beat (the study used 54 BPM) and the display changes as your beat changes; keeping it at 54 beats per minute was disappointing; I need more tempo and rhythm training! Let me know how you do?

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