New Book: Breath Golf Improve Your Entire Game

We’re golfers! We play golf, we make mistakes, we ask questions like: What did I do wrong? Did you see where it went? Why didn’t the putt break left? Golfers think about their swing, are trained and coached, watch hours of videos on the internet (ugh), and anguish over our quest for perfection disguised as fun. What if we can have a better game by starting our day just twenty minutes earlier? What if I told your swing isn’t broken? What if you could learn to be in the Zone, and get to the next level by studying just one book? Try Breath Golf, you’ll like it!

I am happy to support Jayne Storey’s new book, Breath Golf, not just because I participate in the Amazon affiliate program, but because I am a fanatic for her work. Jayne employs Tai Chi as the foundation of her performance coaching, which is why I’m such a fan. I was fortunate to study Tai Chi with Dr, Wen Zee in the 90’s and dreamed about writing golf magazine articles with him about balance and focused attention. It never came to pass, but what I learned from him sticks. Jayne mastered the melding of golf and Tai Chi, and her new book rocks! Not too long, not too short, just right…and to the point.

The point is meditation; single focused meditation on the essence of life: our breath. We learn a solid process for daily practice of twenty minutes per day; first thing in the morning (wake up early, please). Your meditation practice not only will improve your golf game, but can be a real life changer. Breath awareness can freely release you golf motion without interference. With that in mind, I especially like the premise that your golf practice time can then be better spent developing correct posture, alignment, and collected state of readiness than on things like swing mechanics. 

Jayne presents us with the Quiet Mind to start the book, flows through the process of an actual meditation training plan for you, the next higher level for golf meditation, and detailed plans for competition. Jayne’s web site is check it out! You know? I don’t think I need that new driver after all.



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