Quick Quiet Eye Test


This past week I listened to a very good podcast about Quiet Eye, the subject of diligent research by Dr. Joan Vickers (Perception, Cognition and Decision Training). I first learned of Dr Vickers findings years ago in Holland during the first level of instructor training, Harold Swash Putting School of Excellence. Quiet Eye is all about gaze and focus, and isn’t only useful for golf. It is found in archery, target shooting, and even the NBA. I think it is paramount in giving performance responsibility to the subconscious mind (that’s a deep subject for another day). So just for fun I asked five of my students to be “research subjects” with me while we made flattering videos of our heads with our chins tucked in to see if we could track eye movement. It worked, but without a super scientific timer the assessments were totally subjective (fun meter was very high). I hope your eyes stay quiet when you play!


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