Tai Chi Putting: Build a Table

Many years ago I was privileged to practice Wu Style Tai Chi on occaision with Dr. Wen Zee of Shanghai, Master Wu stylist, an indoor student of the famous Grand Master Ma Yueh Liang from China. Even though I only knew Dr. Zee for a short time I realized how he and Tai Chi could influence golf: especially putting. The solid stance techniques of Tai Chi are a perfect fit . This solid connection recently caught my eye while attending the Harold Swash Putting Instructor Certification training in Holland, November 2012. After the training our instructor, Phil Kenyon, provided us his PowerPoint presentation; like I said I study everyday, I noticed Phil’s stance in some of the slides reminded me of Tai Chi’s Standing Meditation: WOW! So let’s examine what I mean, and what I want to present as a new way of putting.

My technique is to build a table with the hips to set a solid foundation for the stroke, a level table. Stand by for more!

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