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Mobilize Vertically: Wedges First

Over the past two years I have been writing a project which I hope will come to fruition within the next few months. Part of my task was to describe what I see happening in the golf swing. Those of you that study with me know that ‘swing’ word is one I think belongs in a […]

BodiTrak Impact Drill for Normal Golfers

After using BodiTrak Center of Pressure technology for the past 16 months I’ve learned a tremendous amount related to where the best players use ground forces and pressure to accomplish their ‘perfect’ golf shots. Thanks to a number of colleagues we have pressure traces available from some of the best golfers in the world. What […]

Aim Point Express Read

AimPoint Express. Read A few weeks ago I had the chance to meet up with some friends at the Toya Golf Club in Wroclaw, Poland to learn about AimPoint Express Read. All I can say is, WOW! Using the AimPoint charts was pretty easy, and this method is even easier. At Toya I met with […]

Breath Like You Play Trombone

Breath like you play trombone and play better golf ! Physical performance requires proper muscle function, and muscle tissue requires oxygen carried by the red blood cells in our circulatory system.  The lungs provide oxygen and expel carbon dioxide through breathing. Deep diaphragm breathing is proven to be the most efficient method to get the […]

Putting Practice Questions

Drills: I watch and read about golf instruction daily. And I’ll wager that every day I hear someone say, “If you do this drill you’ll correct your______!” (that’s a lot of drills) So here’s a question for all the teachers and students alike, we have, for instance,  a putting drill, should we perform it daily, […]

Tai Chi Putting: Build a Table

Many years ago I was privileged to practice Wu Style Tai Chi on occaision with Dr. Wen Zee of Shanghai, Master Wu stylist, an indoor student of the famous Grand Master Ma Yueh Liang from China. Even though I only knew Dr. Zee for a short time I realized how he and Tai Chi could […]