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Balance Two-My New BodiTrak

Moving back to Arizona December 2014 saw me buying my dream equipment, NGR Sports BodiTrak. My goal is to take it to the stage of putting, and help improve balance for everyone I coach in the golfing community! Last week

Balance One

After studying with one of Europe’s great putting coaches over the past two years I’m finding more and more things we need to do for a stroke solid, on the sweet spot, putt. One of the simplest sounding factors is

Practice Fun with Puttronome

My distance control was starting to need some work. So to begin my putting workout yesterday I decided to bring out my trusty Puttronome. I have an old read about it, but wanted to update it with this Youtube video.

New Logo

After attending the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit in January I thought I’d develop a logo. So for starters here it is.