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BodiTrak Wall Drill

Skill training in ‘clusters’ is proven to be an effective way to learn an entire motion like the golf swing. Most new golfers I see swinging the club are using force from the hands, arms, shoulders…upper body in general. Good

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Hitting It Thin/Fat? Could be your pressure!

After using BodiTrak Center of Pressure technology for the past 18 months I’ve learned a tremendous amount related to where the best players use ground forces and pressure to accomplish their ‘perfect’ golf shots. Thanks to a number of colleagues

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BodiTrak Pro Tour

Two weeks ago I had the good fortune to meet with BodiTrak VP and guru, Terry Hashimoto in Palm Desert, California. After an epicurean dinner Friday evening we started Saturday with an overview of the new BodiTrak Tour wireless COP

The Putting Aim Survey

On Saturday October 24 I set up an aiming station on the practice putting green at Fred Enke Golf Course, Tucson. Parameters were a level putt, ten feet in length. 43 golfers accepted an invitation to participate with instructions to

941 Three Foot Putts In A Row!!! (a random feat)

The end of the 2015 PGA Tour left us with some interesting statistics to ponder, and adjust our goals for the next playing season (tomorrow, here in Arizona). How about this result (ugh) oriented goal: Make all my putts from

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BodiTrak Tour: NEW mat on the way

Really happy to announce there will be a new mat in town within the next few weeks! The new Boditrak Tour is fully wireless and compatible with the iPhone and iPad. Now we can literally take it to the course

Putting Clinic @ Rolling Hills…putts and suds

I had a great time today with the members at Rolling Hills Golf Club after their Fun Day golf outing. The bar was pretty active as we introduced a new activity to improve scores and have more fun: an indoor

Medicine Ball Drill and the Linear COP Trace

Last week I studied an excellent post by Daniel Gray, PGA Professional from Illinois, on Center of Gravity and Ground Reaction ( As I an avid user of BodiTrak COP technology I was immediately drawn to the subject, but what

Putting Rhythm…Isochrony

Putting Self-Talk an Always/All ways Approach

The Always/ All Ways aspect of my training system is geared toward the weekend golfer who doesn’t have much time to practice. Ideally we’ll be able to insert experiences into our daily routines we can transfer to the golf course.

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