anxiety and DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE

Duck, duck, goose is a game, a pretty simple game (if you’re a kid and more mobile than most golfers). It doesn’t appear to create severe anxiety or many negative emotions, in fact, it looks like fun. Fun will make us happy, grateful, and just plain in love with our game. Duck, duck, goose has an official website and the rules are:

  1. Sit in a circle with at least four people.
  2. Select one person to lead or be ‘it.’
  3. The ‘it” person walks around the circle touching each on the head saying, “duck” until they decide to say “goose.”
  4. Then “it” runs around the circle, the “goose” jumps up an chases ‘it.’
  5. If ‘it’ runs around the circle and sits in the “goose” spot the “goose is now “it.”
  6. Repeat

Kind of like golf isn’t it? Start with four people, take turns hitting your ball with a stick to the target. Repeat. It makes us happy, grateful, and full of love for our game.

But believe it or not the official duck, duck, goose web page has more rules for even more anxiety/fun. Try it in a different language, be silent and drop a napkin on the goose, physically wrestle the ‘goose’ for their spot, and even play the game while swimming. You could even exercise to become stronger and faster, only “goose” the slow kid, etc…until duck, duck, goose isn’t fun anymore. Emotions like anger, fear, and even hate may appear.

So the anxiety monster even affects our golf game with things like: counting strokes, hazards, aiming, hurry up, the rule grinch, and the dreaded, always elusive, increased club head speed. To stay happy, grateful, and keep loving our game we think we need daily trips to the practice area with our coach, gymnasium training, massage therapist, a mental coach, and even new shoes.

Or we can look at each shot as a new chance for happiness, love, and gratitude. So the next time you find you golf ball, before you let it fly, listen for the ball to ask, “Where would you like me to go?” Keep your answer the same for each shot,”SURPRISE ME!”

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