Had a BLAST at the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit

Last week I attended the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit (and more) in Orlando. Besides meeting and learning from some wonderful people, I had the chance to purchase the BLAST training system for teachers and players. It uses a small sensor easily connected to any club  measuring  tempo, rhythm, and more. In particular, face rotation during a putt, so coming to a golf lesson near you we will measure face rotation to the tenth of a degree (we know what one degree does!!). Check out my stinky example; that was a test so I hope I can do better than 1.9 degrees!

What’s even cooler, it’s going to interact with BodiTrak!!!!!!!


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2 comments on “Had a BLAST at the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit
  1. Gordon Bennett says:

    Looking forward to seeing this in action!

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