BodiTrak Wall Drill

Skill training in ‘clusters’ is proven to be an effective way to learn an entire motion like the golf swing. Most new golfers I see swinging the club are using force from the hands, arms, shoulders…upper body in general. Good start if the upper body had the only power function in a shot, but the singularly lateral motion of arms omits the powerhouse of rotation into the ground and lower body. So with ‘cluster’ training in mind and an extra swimming pool noodle I developed this drill, primarily for young players because it’s so noisy/fun, to incorporate the lower body at a position where rotational motion can result in more power through the hands to the club head. (note: all players enjoy the noise)

From a face on position a few inches from a wall, in your golf posture, with arms and hands point the noodle to 3:00 level with the ground. Focus on the target side heel of your shoe and slowly start pushing pressure enough to feel the weight building on the target side leg. Push your target side hip up and back into the wall and roll your rear end toward the target as far as you can. Keep the pressure down into the target side shoe during the entire movement, and let the pressure from the right side release. Let the noodle point straight out from your belly and bang it into the wall as you rotate around your left glute making as much noise as you can. Check your posture.

Goal is to develop skill using the target side glute as the counterbalance point of the full swing, and transition from linear to rotational force at an advantageous time in the downswing. Students BodiTrak traces are becoming more linear with a more efficient transition to the target side.

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