Improve Putting with a Stabilized Swing

Want to know a way to improve your putting with a stabilized platform? Did you ever build a children’s swing set? Let’s see; you’ll need two A frames, a pole between, eye bolts, some chain, and a seat. The eye bolt is the fulcrum of the swing set. When a kid (or you) jump on the seat and start kicking a fun ride begins, but if you don’t anchor down the legs of the A frame the ensuing wobble get’s your attention! So what does this have to do with improving your putting? The human spine just happens to hold a spot that acts as the eye bolt fulcrum of the kids swing set. The C7 vertebrae (big bone at the base of your neck) is it. When you perform a normal putting stance the putter grip should aim on an imaginary line through your chest right up to that “eye bolt” vertebrae. A normal putting stroke should rotate around that ‘fulcrum’ moved by the scapula; the only real swinging motion in that thing we call a golf swing. Now here’s the rub, what if you’re not anchored down like a swing set? What can you do to stabilize you foundation like a concrete weight under each foot?

External rotation of the femur/thigh is done by squeezing your glutes; each foot can rotate outward. With feet on the ground we feel like they twist into the turf. Pretty stable? Sure thing, but wait just a minute for a very important detail. I recently studied an academic web presentation on the function of the foot and ankle. There is a small detail some of us neglect that can lead to an unstable platform; our big toe. When the big toe engages the ground the entire lower leg musculature can fire and stabilize the stance. Without the big toe connecting with the ground only the big outer muscles engage. Want to improve your putting with a more stable stance? Put your big toe on the ground, and roll the ball to the hole!

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