Set-up Priority? grip, aim, GOLF STANCE, posture

During my years teaching with John Jacobs Golf Schools one of our basic go-to set-up routines was to exercise grip, aim, golf stance, posture prior to every shot. All are important and for a shot to be successful all must do their part to make great motion happen. What I watched the past two days, however, made me ask the question: does one part require more attention that the others? During a full field junior tournament with some of the best local players, and new players I started to see a trend that prompted the above question. The newer players aligned the club, feet, stance,  posture and hit it (all over the place). The better players (every one of them) took their time with the stance, and meticulously got their body in balance for the shot. As much as I love studying the mental game, I think today I’ll get a little physical. So it’s grip: got it, aim: got it, golf STANCE: ankles flexed feel my feet, check target, hips set fidget around to feel the ground, check target, pelvis and low back set and fidget, check target, shoulders set , arms hanging standard, check target, settle into posture: got it…GO! Reason? The set-up controls the path of the swing; make it as perfect as possible.

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