Putting Practice Questions

Drills: I watch and read about golf instruction daily. And I’ll wager that every day I hear someone say, “If you do this drill you’ll correct your______!” (that’s a lot of drills) So here’s a question for all the teachers and students alike, we have, for instance,  a putting drill, should we perform it daily, […]

Tai Chi Putting: Build a Table

Many years ago I was privileged to practice Wu Style Tai Chi on occaision with Dr. Wen Zee of Shanghai, Master Wu stylist, an indoor student of the famous Grand Master Ma Yueh Liang from China. Even though I only knew Dr. Zee for a short time I realized how he and Tai Chi could […]

Dr. Craig Farnsworth, Putting and Balance

Dr. Farnsworths book, The Putting Prescription, gives us some good information on the importance of balance. I tend to miss right, and SAM Putt Lab analysis showed a pattern of off center toe hits. What helped came from Dr, Farnsworth book, he said, ” Another indicator of having too much weight on your heels is […]

Manuel de la Porre Putting

Manuel de la Torre, PGA Professional, from his book  Understanding the Golf Swing,  said his father, Angel,  used to tell him when coaching putting to “Let the ball reach the hole, stop, and look down the hole and have it say, gee it looks nice down there, I think I will jump in.”

Upper Arms, Chest, and Shoulders Together Drill

Sir Nick Faldo’s A Swing for Life: Revised and Updated has a great drill for feeling a one piece putting stroke. After setting up in your putting posture put a club under your arms across your chest, make sure it’s above your elbows. Just hold it there with your arms. Practice your stroke…I really feel […]

Putting Grip

First thing we’ll do is study the GRIP. Don’t want to be whippy-whippy so let’s pray about it? Simply put: PALMS TOGETHER. PUTTER LIES ALONG THE LIFELINE OF THE HANDS. WRISTS SET AS THOUGH IF THE PUTTER SHAFT WERE EXTENDED IT WOULD PARALLEL THE FOREARMS.


March 30, 2013 Update: Puttronome Application update on the iPhone today. Really nice update and improvement. Stays running, has a light sequence to help you to start, and a tempo window. Very cool!   This video demonstrates putting tempo. I first learned of it during my Harold Swash Putting Level 1 instructor course. I have […]