The Putting Aim Survey

On Saturday October 24 I set up an aiming station on the practice putting green at Fred Enke Golf Course, Tucson. Parameters were a level putt, ten feet in length. 43 golfers accepted an invitation to participate with instructions to accomplish their pre-shot routine, normal set-up, up to the point of actually rolling the ball; […]

941 Three Foot Putts In A Row!!! (a random feat)

The end of the 2015 PGA Tour left us with some interesting statistics to ponder, and adjust our goals for the next playing season (tomorrow, here in Arizona). How about this result (ugh) oriented goal: Make all my putts from three feet! Caution! Caution! Big Mistake Alert! Of all the PGA Tour players that played during […]

BodiTrak Tour: NEW mat on the way

Really happy to announce there will be a new mat in town within the next few weeks! The new Boditrak Tour is fully wireless and compatible with the iPhone and iPad. Now we can literally take it to the course and start getting traces on all of all those uneven lies! Don’t forget those putts!

Putting Clinic @ Rolling Hills…putts and suds

I had a great time today with the members at Rolling Hills Golf Club after their Fun Day golf outing. The bar was pretty active as we introduced a new activity to improve scores and have more fun: an indoor putting clinic, lecture and participation style, with ice cold brews attached. Today’s  clinic stressed putter […]

Medicine Ball Drill and the Linear COP Trace

Last week I studied an excellent post by Daniel Gray, PGA Professional from Illinois, on Center of Gravity and Ground Reaction ( As I an avid user of BodiTrak COP technology I was immediately drawn to the subject, but what really is impressive are his instructions on physical training to lead the body into powerful […]

4% Slope Breaking Putt

A student and I were practicing reading greens last week, and we tried to tackle our 4% slope number 18. I set up the camera to video the ‘big miss,’ but we made the first two. So our aiming point and speed were right on. Here are the photos of the third and first putts.

Putting Self-Talk an Always/All ways Approach

The Always/ All Ways aspect of my training system is geared toward the weekend golfer who doesn’t have much time to practice. Ideally we’ll be able to insert experiences into our daily routines we can transfer to the golf course. One way to trigger all of those proper golf thoughts we need to use during […]

Boditrak Linear Trace Drill

Boditrak Sports broadcast a presentation by Scott Hamilton, PGA with fantastic information using the Boditrak mat with numerous PGA Tour players. The COP traces were all linear and the guys worked on balance to keep the trace so pure. The large curved trace of some higher handicap golfers I work with came to mind. I […]

Yardstick Drill

The Putting Degree is my way to present putting education that’s based on the fact that a one degree error at ten feet is probably a missed putt. One of the practices I use is rolling the ball along a yardstick; any extra rotation after properly aiming causes the ball to wonder off the stick. […]