New BodiTrak Vector

The new improved BodiTrak Vector is now available for training. The new feature is the ability to measure vertical force; a direct relation to club head speed and distance. Data from the first days use is very interesting, but one point that caught my eye was the relatively constant force on the trail foot in the following four examples. The four shots flew 149, 157, 165, and 204 yards respectively. All with a seven iron. The average percent body weight on the rear foot force was 34.5% ranging from 32, 34, 35, and 37 percent (pretty much all the same). So the increased club head speed and distance was the result of force on the front foot, and total. The photo depicts the longest and shortest seven iron shots with their respective data. The force on the lead foot is blue, and the total is orange. We’ve had a lot of fun getting to our left side, but now we can see if we really mean it!



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